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I am in the last year of school and started with programming about a year ago, so I am still a beginner. But anyways....
I am building a website which contains free tutorials for everyone. Currently I have just a free web host and a funny domain name, but I will change to a real host service and a real domain name in I guess February, but before this I want to add some stuff to the site.
So at this time it is called:

I have no plans to earn ever money with it, but I want this site to grow. I currently write tutorials for C, Biology and maybe a little bit Ruby.  I wanted to write tutorials for arduino too but I have no time left. :D

I am looking for people who are interested in making/writing tutorials text or video or both. I would make them an account so they can log in to my site and upload things.
I am posting this in an arduino forum but this is not limited to arduino Tutorials, so if you want to can upload any topic of tutorials you want, e.g. C++, Phyton, java, Math, Ruby on Rails, History or whatever.

And you do not have to be an expert, I am rather a beginner than something else, but I find this is a good way to learn things.

If anyone has any interest please contact me I would really appreciate it.

I am looking forward to hear from you.

King regards,


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