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Here's my main problem:  I don't know what I don't know about this project.  there are really two elements, one mechanical, the other electronic.  I've got the mechanical half down, but I really need help with the programming/electrical work. 

The individual that wins this contract will be well paid.  There will be an initial payment for phase 1 of the project, possibly phase 2, then ongoing troubleshooting and upgrading, etc.  I expect this will be a relatively simple task for an experienced programmer.

You'll need to answer a few basic questions first, then submit a bid.  I'd prefer someone on the east coast.  PM me for details.

I know I'm being vague, but my boss insisted that be the case.  Thanks in advance.


I'm in London, but can easily get to most of the east coast - is that OK? (I know Grimsby quite well)


I'd prefer someone on the east coast.

east coast of which country? there are more than one...
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sorry guys.  I though my country of residence was being displayed under my name.  didn't mean to offend.


No offense taken :) But you still haven't answered the implied question.

Don't send me technical questions via Private Message.


(For the record, the OP's country of residence isn't recorded in their profile)

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(And the OP's IP address indicates "east coast of Lake Erie")


Can you specify even vaguely what type of things you will be working with?  Like such things as RF communications?  Motors? Wireless or Wired Networking?  Will all of the programming be uC based, or is something also needed on a computer or phone?


I've sent you a PM about this project.


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