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I just want to thanks for the Arduino Starter Kit, it is very good... and also beautiful :) I got the kit as a present from myself, and it's wonderful. The 15 project curriculum is well thouht of, and the set of components gives a nice horizon of possibilities for all sorts of projects. About the same time as i got the kit, i attended a weekend basic course on basic electronics (V=IR, U=U1+U2, resistors, capacitors, LEDs, diodes, the breadboard etc.) at Helsinki Hacklab.

I really appreciate the Starter Kit :)


Just take care when you read about circuit theory and ohms law in the book, as it's descriptions are somewhat confusing. Especially the description of calculating the current through a LED on page 30, which is just wrong. This as it disregard the voltage drop over the LED. I'm hoping that there will be a second edition, where this is corrected.

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