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Yeah, I've actually got an AD623 (a instrumentation Op-Amp) sample on the way which I'll use in the final design, and the LM324 will probably be used as a general amp for other stuff that comes along.


Do you want me to write something general about Op-Amps? I don't feel confident enough to actually teach other people what to do with Op-Amps. I feel like I know just enough to be dangerous. I guess I'll do a write up on how to interface with the MPX2102 pressure sensor, and kind of skimp over the Op-Amp stuff. I wish I knew how to use Eagle to make cool diagrams and such!



hey @zitron

I just meant that if you have a working amplifier circuit, it would be good to document this, for others down the line who want to do the same. It doesn't need to be an overall theory article on op-amps, just a how-to on what you were able to do. If you want to make a paper-napkin sketch, I can turn that into an eagle-style schematic easily :)



OK, here's a picture:


Does it look correct? I used a 470 Ohm 1% for Rgain, so the total gain should be (1+2*R1/Rgain)*R3/R2 = 4270. I haven't checked if that's true, since I don't have anything that can measure in the mV range the sensor outputs.

What would have helped me would be a tutorial on how to do proper data acquisition. When I get all my stuff working, I'll write up something about amplifiers and A2Ds, but I'm going to need some help, since I don't know much about either!


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