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Hi all,

I'm trying to pin point the most likely causes of the issue that I'm having with the Yun.  Basically, I call a curl command to send data to my website via post, the command executes, but no data is sent.  I've tested other functions, and Bridge seems to be working fine.  This was working fine yesterday, then I did a reconfigure, and now all of a sudden, I can see the Arduino network, but I can't actually connect to the internet.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Updating the situation...

I can upload new sketches over COM4 (USB connection).  I can see the curl commands being printed via the serial connection.  So the sketch is running fine, but the curl commands clearly aren't being executed.  Also, the Arduino port (via network) never shows up as an option. 

It seems that the IDE is not receiving the Wi-Fi signal from the Yun, so it never shows up as an option.

Also, AVR outputs look different now than they did before this all started happening.  That seems like a side effect, but I thought it would be worth mentioning.

Looking for some helpful detective work, and I'm sure there are details that I haven't mentioned which are important.  So feel free to probe, and I can provide the group with more detail.

Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately, I do not have a guess as to why your curl call does not yield you any data. However, I wanted to share a similar observation I've made with regards to the Yun not showing up via IP in the Ports menu of the Arduino IDE. I've noticed that when my Yun is connected to my computer with a USB cable only the COMX port is available from the IDE. However, when I look for the Yun from a second computer connected to the same network as the Yun, but not physically via USB, then the Yun does appear in the Ports menu with an IP address. Do you have a second computer you could try to identify the Yun with?


zcapozzi if you see the wifi network of the yun ("Arduino Yun-XXXXXX") then it's NOT connected to your wifi and therefore cannot access internet (there are more advanced ways for making this happens anyway, but they are indeed advanced)
What do you mean when you say "I did a reconfigure"?


bitfrosting - I'm trying to get the IDE installed on my Linux machine, but not having any success there.  I've got another windows laptop lying around, so I'll try that and see if I can see the connection.

Federico - the Arduino network doesn't show up in my list of available networks.  When I say reconfigure, I reset the WAN via the button on the side, then used the Arduino network to connect to the panel and basically reset the connection details.


Quick update.  The Yun does not show up on another computer when I search for connected devices in the IDE ports menu.

It really seems like the Wifi connector is the only thing that's not working.   Is it possible that this part of the chip could have been damaged somehow?


Hi zcapozzi,

are you able to ping the Arduino IP from a computer connected to the same wifi network? Can you connect to its web interface?


No, I cannot connect to the web interface unless it's connected via USB.  When it recognizes the device, the IDE usually says what the IP address is in the lower right hand corner.  For me, that only shows the last connected COM port that I used.


mmm that's very strange... the webinterface is reached through wifi (or ethernet) connection.. so it shouldn't be related with USB!

In your router's admin page, are you able to list the connected devices? It should show Arduino Yun and the assigned IP address...
Which is the status of the WLAN led when Arduino Yun is not connected to your PC using USB?


Yes, it is strange.  I was able to see the arduino network on my laptop connections panel, so the Yun is producing that signal, but once I configure the wireless connection to connect to my router, it falls flat and doesn't show up as an option in the IDE.

I just checked and the Yun does not show up on my router's list of connected devices.  When I turn on the Yun (via wall power), the device kicks on, the blue WAN light flashes for about 10 seconds, and then goes off.  I checked the list of devices connected to the router at that point, but it still didn't appear on the list.  The WAN light is off after this.



I've just checked the WLAN led on my Yun and its behavior is what you described... the WLAN led is off but my Arduino is correctly connected to my wi-fi router.

Could you make a try with an ethernet cable to see if this works (and if so, you can connect to Linino with SSH and inspect the logs to find out what goes wrong with wifi association)?


Sorry, what do you mean "try with an ethernet cable"?

I've only ever used a Micro usb to communicate with the Yun (besides when the wi-fi was working).  I've also never connected with SSH or inspected the logs.  This sounds promising, just not sure where to start.  Would you recommend Telnet for the SSH?  Got a good link to download it from?



my suggestion was to try using  a "wired network" (if your router has some ethernet ports): i.e. connect the Yun to your router with an ethernet cable.

If you're on Windows, download the free PuTTY, it works fine as SSH client


Ok, got my SSH set up with Putty.

I've searched around and had no luck finding the logs.  Where do I go to look at them?  And also, any suggestions about what I should be looking for when I find them?


ok if you can connect via ssh to your Yun just enter the command "dmesg", it should output all the system logs, including something related to wifi.
You can also save it to file (dmesg >/tmp/dmesg.txt), download it using WinSCP and attach to this thread...

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