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Hi all !

I'm actually translating the Guide to the Arduino Yún into French and, if I feel familiar with microcontroller's vocabular, I feel far less comfortable with web's one ... My problem is that while translating Web services paragraph, I was'nt sure to perfectly understant what I was reading...  :smiley-roll-sweat:

Can anyone confirm if "end points" are similar to "terminal points" (I find both references in REST docs) ? I've understood it as the begening of the request e.g. http://yun.ip.address/arduino/REST_request for accessing included Arduino leonardo's memory on the Yun and http://yun.ip.address/data/REST_request for accessing AR9331's memory.

Also, I understood the word "storage" in the original (english) document as "memory", but I'm not sure of my understanding of this concept. I anyone can confirm if I'm right or explain me subtleties of this notuion, I would be really glad.

Thanks for your attention and your help.



"end point" is to be intended as an important part in a hierarchy of URLs: /arduino and /data are endpoints because very different things happen with each of them. In the Bridge example, /arduino/digital can be considered an endpoint because what it does it's different from what /arduino/analog does and every subsequent part of that url (/arduino/digital/13 and /arduino/digital/13/1) are parameters of the /arduino/digital endpoint
In essence: end point is more of a concept

It's not exact to say that http://yun.ip.address/arduino/REST_request will access the leonardo memory: you're actually sending "REST_request" as a command to leonardo. You cannot access a variable of the sketch named "counter" just because you called url http://yun.ip.address/arduino/counter, you have to write code that answers to the command "counter" printing that variable value.

The word storage has been used because memory makes people think about RAM. While RAM is used by that storage, it's an implementation detail and indeed someone in the forum has set up a "persistent storage", that saves to disk and persists between reboots. In essence, storage is a more generic term.


Thanks a lot for thes informations Federico !

I'll update the translation accordingly to your explanations, I'm really greetfull !

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