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Hi Everyone,
  I recently 'won' on an auction site a 4 Digit Seven Segment LED Display Controller.  The description was:

1,4 bright red LED display, the standard 5135 closed shell, beautiful, can be directly used for equipment, easy to install

2 the use 4 ST imported SMD 74HC595 driver, both with each LED current limiting resistor

3, static drive, the digital unchanged, chip not been refreshed, non-dynamic scanning, saving system resources SCM

4, the interface is simple 5V, 5V negative, DATA data shift clock CLK, Latch LCK, only three wire interface with the microcontroller, saving microcontroller IO

5, the data output, convenient cascade, such as 4-header, can one even one, the front one of three header lines can be connected microcontroller.

Unfortunately, there are no instructions on how to hook this up to the arduino and I could use a little help with the pin assignments. 
After removing the back cover, the unit looks like:

As you can set there is two rows of 5 pins and one row of 6 pins.

Any help is much appreciated.


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