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What good is a capacitor with a short across it?
The 47uF was supposed to be across the supply.

If the wiring reflects the schematic you have a way to go.


Looks pretty good given that you sort out that glitch about the capacitors drawn with shorts across them.

You probably do not need the capacitor on the "data" pin or the "blank" input as for the first, the level will be stable since you set this before clocking it and if the LEDs flicker due to switch bounce, you will never notice it.


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I can only giggle at myself for that silly mistake of shorting out the capacitors ... In my defence however, it was a little late in the evening and I was watching NASCAR ... So I was distracted ...  ;) ... (will that hold up in a court of law?  :smiley-eek: ... ) ...

Guys, I think I've got it now ... I will post some pics and a video once it is finished ...

Thanks a lot for everyone's input and help, I greatly appreciate it ...



Hi dannydebont.
I am glad to see that I am not the only one that finds the idea of a manually controlled shift register an interesting subject  XD You might be interested in this thread on this topic. I went a bit overboard with my version
my version
by using a Atmega 328 IC (the Arduino chip) to control a 7 Seg display to count through each of the eight button presses on my eight LED version of this concept. Also to overcome the potential problem of any switch bounce on the clock input I used a monostable 555 timer circuit. It seems that you may have sorted out the problems you were having with your circuit so all the best and I for one would like to see a video of your project once it is all sorted out,


Hi, well done Danny, the process of getting something like this to function is probably the best part.
It helps with understanding rising  and falling edge trigger and serial to parallel conversion and fault finding.
And is certainly better than a computer simulation.
And you are excused for watching NASCAR. ( Marcus Ambrose fan)
Pedro has probably had the same experience and benefited from it, nice presentation, mate.

Tom.... :)
Everything runs on smoke, let the smoke out, it stops running....


Thanks Tom. Where are you based in Oz - I am in Canberra, but don't hold that against me  8)

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