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Oops, I forgot, have the Yun Serial Terminal sketch loaded on the Yun when you do this.


It's what I'm trying to see since I saw the post you linked, but I got nothing. Actually I can see ""Linino available in the console", I pressed 1s the YUN Reset button and I got about 30 messages "linino available". I'll try with the default YunSerialTerminal source code now. But I'm not too optimist.


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I loaded the default YunSerialTerminal in the arduino and connect it with picocom and pressed reset button.
The only visible effect is that the cursor in the console is not blinking anymore but I don't get any message in the console so far. (~60+ seconds)

Edit: Tx (and maybe Rx, I'm not sure) blinked several times after ~120s. But still no message in the console/terminal.


The USB connection will disappear when the 32U4 is reset and will not reconnect automatically, you have to connect with picocom after it is ready for it.

With the unmodified YunSerialTerminal Sketch on the Yun:

Unplug the Yun, wait 10 seconds, plug back in.

Wait until the red led stops breathing, give it a few seconds more.

Connect to the yun with picocom

There may be messages, if so, wait until they stop, this may pause and then continue for a few seconds so be patient.

Press the Yun reset at this point. See what we get.

If nothing happens type /sbin/reboot in picocom and hit enter.


I have the default YunSerialTerminal on the Yun. (I load it with windows btw, I don't know how to do it using linux)

I don't have the red led breathing, it happens only when I load another sketch on the Yun, not when I just plug in on the computer.

I don't have messages so far with picicom.

When I type /sbin/reboot, for each char I type the RX led blink once.
~10seconds after I pressed enter (/sbin/reboot) the cursor's terminal stop blinking, but I don't know more.


The red led not breathing is my mistake I was working from memory when I  checked it doesn't breathe on power up only reset or upload.

Uploading in Windows is fine, it doesn't really matter.

You are connected to the Yun 32U4 side, as witnessed by the RX/TX blinking when you type.

I have no idea why Linino is not responding, pressing Yun reset should reboot it and you will see messages, /sbin/reboot does the same thing but should work even if the button doesn't as long as Linino is up.

I'm out of ideas at this point, sorry. I hope we got to a place that someone else has ideas...


When I type something in picocom, I don't see the letters, I know that Yun receive something because the led blink but I don't see what I write. Is it normal? Maybe I forgot something, no? Even when I press enter I'm like "in listen mode" in the console.

Thank you for your help, maybe the linux is broken, I don't have ideas either.


I'm not sure if the characters you see in picocom are before they are transmitted or echoed back from the other end. You could down load PuTTY and use that to connect in Windows. This post will help you get PuTTY going-http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=197267.msg1459599#msg1459599. This is probably the best way to troubleshoot as it eliminates Ubuntu in a virtual box from the equation.

If you see something in PuTTY, let me know.

After you get that working, you may want to start a new thread titled something like "Linino doesn't respond in YunSerialTerminal".


I don't see anything at all in picocom.

I'm trying with the ethernet wire now.
Thank you.

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