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i just bought the "Arduino Lilypad 328" and an adressable Led-Strip.
My current Project is, to control the Strip from my phone via Bluetooth. (The serial input defines what function to call)
Thats no problem so far.

But if i want a new Led-Sequence, it means i always have to implement a new Function on the Lilypad.
So i had the idea to pass a whole sequence via serial input and the Lilypad just cycles through an array of data.
First of all.. is that a good idea? ;-)

I'm pretty new to this stuff, but those are my thoughts:
My concern is the data size, because the required information can scale pretty fast.
Every LED needs 3x8Bit for Color. Every Part of the sequence needs to know where to set this color. And the longer the duration the more data size is needed.

So if i have some kind of running rainbow with 20 different colors, 30 LEDs to set and 10 different iterations.
20*3 = 60 Byte
60*30 = 1800 Byte
1800*10 = 18000 Byte about 17,5 KB
Not to mention, what if i want to control 2 strips with different sequences.

Is there a possibility to process data this way or is my calculation just wrong? ^^
Are there any other options (like a MicroSD-Breakout-Board)?


You could store the data as you say.

However, if you could calculate the colour on the fly that would save the memory. Is there a mathematical way to describe the sequence you want?
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I don't have any specific sequence in mind.

The Lilypad should just process the sequences i created via a GUI on Windows or Android. And i want to set as much LEDs and Loops as possible. But 1 KB SRAM isn't that much.

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