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Hi to everybody,
I'm trying to do a waveform generator for my physics course with arduino due, but I found a problem, when I try to compile, the IDE said me that t_sample isn't defined at the loop section, and indeed is it, I tried to put just Sample and it compiled, but I don't know if is ok or if they have a mistake there.
// Read the the potentiometer and map the value  between the maximum and the minimum sample available
  // 1 Hz is the minimum freq for the complete wave
  // 170 Hz is the maximum freq for the complete wave. Measured considering the loop and the analogRead() time
  sample = map(analogRead(A0), 0, 4095, 0, oneHzSample);
  sample = constrain(t_sample, 0, oneHzSample);

  analogWrite(DAC0, waveformsTable[wave0]);  // write the selected waveform on DAC0
  analogWrite(DAC1, waveformsTable[wave1]);  // write the selected waveform on DAC1

  if(i == maxSamplesNum)  // Reset the counter to repeat the wave
    i = 0;

  delayMicroseconds(sample);  // Hold the sample value for the sample time 

Note: I haven't a oscilloscope to test it :/.
Too many thanks

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