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Looking for any local groups or fellow hobbyists in or around Savannah, GA. :) I'm hoping to get a few of us together if not join a group so we can pool information, experiance, etc to do some really cool projects.


I am near SAV, have you gotten into much with the Arduino yet? I am still learning on the programming. I have made some blinking lights so far and thats about it.


Its been almost four years since anyone has responded to this thread, so I feel like Tom Hanks on that little island when I say - IS ANYONE HERE? PLEASE SEND ANOTHER PORT-A-POTTY SO I CAN RUN A JIB AND A MAINSAIL!

I'm in Garden City near the airport (and the seaport)
I'm old, but new at using arduino.

There are over 2000 views on this thread, so there is always hope.

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