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I don't know this is the right place to talk about 3rd party developed product or not.  If it is not, please move this thread to another subforum.

Anyway, here are what I get after several months' coding and prototyping.
1. A dongle, which user could plug in his PC, which will be enumerated as a virtual com port device. I have it worked on Windows 7 and Ubuntu. It acts as a gateway between the dongle and an Arduino variant.  The dongle contains a 32bit STM32 microcontroller, a NRF24L01+ and a RF frontend chip named RFX2401C. There is also a piece of similar hardware on the Arduino variant to do the same job.
2. An Arduino variant.

Here is what I can do with the dongle and the Arduino variant.
1.   The Atmel328p is loaded with Arduino UNO's bootloader. I can download sketches via the dongle to the Arduino variant. Just select a port and do as I am using an original Arduino UNO.
2.   I can use the serial monitor to debug my sketch.
3.   I tested the hardware with Standard Firmata, and it worked pretty well.
4.  RF transceiving power is about 0.1W. I have not tested the range of the communication, based on experience it may work at 1Km line of sight..

Here is something about the future.

1. I reserved an I2C slave port on the MCU located on the Arduino variant. I am going to use it as a communication channel to interact with Atmel328p. The Arduino variant could use this interface to transmit or receive NRF24L01+ packet.
2. One dongle could be paired to one Arduino variant at the same time. I am going to add the ability to let the dongle to be paired to multiple Arduino variants simultaneously.
3. A product wiki.

OK, those are what I want to show you. If you are interested and what to know more details, just reply to the thread.

Preliminary Datasheet:

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