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I would like to build a simple mechanical option to block a laser beam. Ideally, a switchable element that would block or free the path of the beam, with seconds to minutes between switches.
A solenoid would just do the job and I selected an Adafruit 413 Large solenoid (https://www.adafruit.com/product/413).

I have a L298N h-bridge driver board that I use to test motors. I have read other users posting about  using this driver board to control solenoids, but I am not 100% sure this would work for the case described above.

I also found a few blog post such as this https://www.instructables.com/id/Controlling-solenoids-with-arduino/
or this : https://core-electronics.com.au/tutorials/solenoid-control-with-arduino.html
that describe a pretty simple way to connect and control solenoids. If this is a better way to control an Adafruit 413, what board should I use to drive power and logic?



If only the product link you provided had driver instructions.  Oh wait!  It does!!!  :-D


It does not need an H-bridge.  It has a return spring.


If only the product link you provided had driver instructions.  Oh wait!  It does!!!  :-D


It does not need an H-bridge.  It has a return spring.
Thanks for the answer!
I was looking for that in the product page but I see it was not the right place.

The diagram describe one of the methods I posted.
Any chance there is a board out there where these components are already soldered?
For example, when I was looking for a driver for our DC Brushed motor, I got the L298N board in the picture below

I was wondering if there is an equivalent for the portion of the driver in the picture below (which is a screenshot of your link)

If someone else is already selling a pcb module with all components, I would directly buy that.
Thank you!


Update: in case anyone is looking at this for their own ideas, at the moment I bought the single component and a breadboard and I am using the scheme that vinceherman posted.

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