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Has anyone modified ant of the softwareSerial libraries to support IRDA transmission (at the low levels)?
My understanding is that this would consist of changing the "on" time for transmitted 1 bits to 3/16 of a bit time instead of a full bit time, which ought to be relatively trivial.  But it would certainly be nice to have a known-working implementation!
(Reception would be harder, I guess.)

(Note that unlike other IR communications protocols, IRDA does NOT modulate a "carrier frequency."  A transmission has a an LED "on" for a one bit, and off for a zero bit (or perhaps the other way around), rather than bursts of ~40kHz modulated signals.  So most of the existing infrared libraries are not useful.)


Do you need to adhere to full IRDA spec, or, do you just need a simple IR avr<->avr communication?


I want to talk to Disney hats, which apparently use IRDA SIR at 2400bps at the bottom levels...

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