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I installed arduino mega adk, bought last week.
After that I correctly compiled sketch, i obtain the following messages:

Dimensione del file binario dello sketch: 88.056 bytes (su un massimo di 524.288 bytes)
\Sensor\adk2012_ide-win32-20120629\ADK2012_IDE/hardware/tools/adk2inst.exe C:\Users\mlombardo\Desktop\Sensor\adk2012_ide-win32-20120629\ADK2012_IDE/hardware/tools/adk2tool COM12 C:\Users\mlombardo\Desktop\Sensor\adk2012_ide-win32-20120629\ADK2012_IDE/hardware/tools/bossac C:\Users\MLOMBA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\build9039619110520453791.tmp/listing_4_2.cpp.bin
\Sensor\adk2012_ide-win32-20120629\ADK2012_IDE/hardware/tools/adk2tool.exe COM12 erase
error opening serial
\Sensor\adk2012_ide-win32-20120629\ADK2012_IDE/hardware/tools/bossac.exe --port=COM12 -w -b C:\Users\MLOMBA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\build9039619110520453791.tmp/listing_4_2.cpp.bin
No device found on COM12
C:\Users\mlombardo\Desktop\Sensor\adk2012_ide-win32-20120629\ADK2012_IDE/hardware/tools/adk2tool.exe COM12 reset
error opening serial

I try to solve with :

a) http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=141628.0 ==> nothing, the issue persist
b) update drivers with most recent package ==> nothing, the issue persist

I have arduino mega adk for android rev.3 connected with usb cable with notebook (dell latitude with s.o. windows 7).
It would be possible to have directions to solve the problem?


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