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I was just toying with the idea of purchasing some servos to play with with a view to making a hexapod robot some where down the track.

I was looking at Towerpro MG946R which sell at the local Jaycar for $30 each. No surprises there as everything is rather expensive at Jaycar.

But I looked on ebay for the same servo and found a couple of Hong Kong sellers:


Now the large discrepancy in price might be due to the fact that the fellow selling them for $8 is a new seller and is trying to make an impression.

Should I be concerned that the lower price items are rejects from the manufacturer or counterfeit servos of lower quality or do you experienced folk feel that this is unlikely?

What are your experiences of buying servos on ebay?


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I've bought servos and other items from HobbyKing, and am satisfied. May be a good choice, and less to worry about in regards the vendor.



Personally, I think there may be 2 pricing tiers with a lot of these items. The lower level is what most companies charge, in order to be competitive. The higher price is what some people charge, since they figure they can get away with it, if the customers don't shop around too much. Just a guess.

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