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I purchased the SparkFun Color LCD Breakout Board (LCD 11062)  as seen on this page: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11062

I have then attached it to my arduino in four places as follows:
LCD            ARDUINO
RES             8
CS               9
DIO              11
SCK              13     

I have then installed the arduino color lcd library and copied your sample code.
(as instructed in this tutorial:  https://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/286  )

For power, I have attached   

LCD GND -> Arduino GND,   
LCD VBATT - > Arduino VCC,     
LCD 3.3v -> Arduino VCC.     

The Arduino I am using is a femtoduino, which has a single VCC socket. http://www.femtoduino.com/spex/femtoduino-usb

So far, I am able to get the backlight to light up, but I cannot get anything to actually display on the screen.

I have tried changing from Epson to Philips in the code but this does not solve anything.

I have tried powering only the LCD 3.3 and leaving out the VBATT, but I still see absolutely nothing.

Is there some advice you can give me as to what to try?
I would be grateful for any help.


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Hey there,
i've found this article including an example Program which might help you with your struggle :)
greetings, Oliver
Edit: This library (NokiaLCD.h) you might also find for arduino


You have to power the LCD with 3.3V. Therefore you might need to connect to your 5V Arduino to the 3.3V LCD with a logic level converter.

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