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Hello all,

I see a lot of people talking about burning a bootloader.
My question is: Why burn a bootloader?

Under which conditions should I burn an bootloader?
What are the reasons for doing so?

In my case for instance:
I have made a product that should be placed at peoples homes.
A sketch does one part of the job on the Atmel, and a python script and a php-script does the rest on the Linux side.
Is a bootloader a way to guarantee the software will always be present, even when the user would manage to completely cold reboot the device?
If so..... How would I do that?
If not....How would I do that?


A bootloader is only needed if you want to upload sketches via the usb port.
See http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=208906. for a confirmation of the arduino core team.
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