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Help me
I bought ARDUINO YUN, in the rush to use it, I entered a data input out relay which used as V IN 12volt!!!!!!!! imagine the result. :smiley-roll-sweat:
I need the electronic scheme of V IN to try to figure out what I broke, the card now works, but overheats and smells. thanks :smiley-sweat:


I need the electronic scheme of V IN

Have you looked on the product page?


If you applied 12V to the Vin pin, it's a miracle that it works at all.  Which part of the board is getting hot?  C102 and C103 have a 6.3V rating, so it's possible that one or both of them took a beating.  Are you sure everything works on the board?  Sheet 2 of the schematic shows the overall voltage distribution.  The USB hub and ATmega 32U4 are more-or-less directly connected to the Vin pin.

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