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I´m new to Arduino, currently following the Starter Kit book - project 10.

The project does not work as expected - basically nothing happens. I checked the code and the circuit and they are correct. I also tested the motor by connecting it to the battery and it is functional.

When finishing project 9 I didn´t remove the battery and started building the circuit for project 10 right away, with the battery attached to the circuit. Could that have damaged the H-bridge? Is there a way to check that? (if so, how?)

Thanks in advance.


Could that have damaged the H-bridge?

Yes any partial powering of a circuit is bad, depending on what wires were connected when.
Always disconnect ALL power when wiring up anything.

Is there a way to check that? (if so, how?)

Only by trying to use it.


I had exactly the same problem just now with this project.

The problem is the shoddy breadboard that comes in this kit! I had a smaller breadboard that I bought separately and wired the H-Bridge up on that after the circuit failed to work, and it worked fine there.

I did try debugging the issue on the kit's breadboard but after a while I started to think the breadboard itself was the problem and I was proved correct.

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