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So the project I am working on now requires me to program via the ISP -- and without access to the hardware UART! The thought of switching cables back and forth annoyed me greatly, so I modified the ArduinioISP code to make the ISP Arduino pass all Serial communication through it.

ArduinoISP v 2
See the UserGuide.html for documentation or go to:

Code is updated at:

Topic on the Arduino Forum at:


your code cannot receive character 0x30 when using this  library.

0x30 is a zero ('0'), BTW, so this is a pretty significant limitation!


That's a good point! Fixed to get around that problem

New rules:

Code: [Select]
IMPORTANT: ISP mode is triggered when the following is received from the computer
:: 0x30, 0x20, (delay 250ms +/- 5ms), 0x30, 0x20, (delay 250ms +/- 5ms), 0x30
Where "0x30, 0x20" are consecutive bits (within 800us of eachother)
Note that 0x30 == '0' and 0x20 == ' '

The Arduino can send any characters.

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