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Hello.... i am using an xbee shield with uno and i have pins problem. i need to connect figerprint device to the arduino pin 2,3 but the xbee shield is on the top of arduino and i cant connect the pins properly. there are also some o/p pins on the xbee shield and i wonder what is that for? if you guys help me how to connect the fingerprint to pin 2 ,3. all other visible pins of arduino are already in use. here is the picture



Just get a different sheild which allows you to plug in pin 2, 3 as it will have an extension at the top. You can also solder a wire and use it as the xbee uses on rx tx and power ground.


Those two socket strips appear to mimic the Arduino pins but they are offset, they seem to use the correct thing for the other connectors.

Do you not have any documentation?

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