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Hey there,

I want to control a LED-Matrix with WS2801 LEDs with a Teensy3.0. That quite isn't a big problem, but the Teensy should get data from the I2C Connection with a Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry gets Data from the PC (with a Software called PixelController thanx to michu et al http://pixelinvaders.ch/?page_id=160).

The connection PC->Raspberry Pi works fine and the RPI send the data pakets via the I2C Bus to the Teensy. I followed the detailed instructions on:

But the author worked with a rainbowduino and he told me that I have to adapt the code (maybe to merge the fastspi2 library and his rainbowduino sketch -> https://github.com/neophob/udp-to-i2c/tree/master/src/build/Arduino/rv3_tmp).

Now the question: I'm not very familiar with programming and I'm just starting to learn it with the LEDs. Is it possible that someone can help me with the merging? Would be very nice of you and when it works I can upload a video with the animations.

Best regards

Teensy 3.0 Pins:
Data Pin: 11
Clock Pin: 13
Raspberry GPIO 0 (SDA) <--> Pin 4 (SDA) Teensy
Raspberry GPIO 1 (SDL) <--> Pin 5 (SDL) Teensy

And the LEDs work fine with the fastspi2 lib example sketches.

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