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This is regarding a CMOS vision sensor like this interface

I am totally new to the camera interface and usage in Embedded project.Also i do have a limitation that till now i had worked only on 8-bit micro-controllers like atmega 8, 16, 32 and on Arduino platform.Well i think this does matter but now that much as for a better processing we can even use Arduino Due.

Now coming back to my concern.As the CMOS camera in above link, with its data sheet we can build its breakout board.But what next?I don't even have a idea and neither i found any useful resource while i am searching from a long time on this.All i need to do is to capture a small video and store it in a SD card.I will be thankful if some one can provide me a useful resource.

I had seen these links
but they don't proved to be much useful as they don't provide me the required form factor.I am looking to interface this module to a customized board.

So if i ask step wise question i) i am looking for a small camera with 1-2 MP resolution.Which camera should i choose , there are lot of them in the market like TCM8230MD from Toshiba and OV9650(available on ebay).

ii) Then what, i need to understand that what commands they do accept for their proper functioning like start taking video and posting them out on a output pin.

iii) If we are getting a video on a output pin , to which pin should i take that output(of my controller, i.e. on UART or I2C or SPI?).

these questions may sound coming from a layman, but they need to be asked here.I would be glad even a reference to a guide is given


Maybe check out this camera sold from Radio Shack.


It is designed for use with arduino and in the "Product Summary" there are links to a user guide that will show you how to set it up and even an addendum that explains how to pair it with an SD card shield.

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