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Nov 16, 2016, 04:56 am Last Edit: Nov 16, 2016, 05:04 am by Burakko
As everyone knows communication with Peugeot does not belong to easy. In my Peugeot Partner when I use the ELM327 I can read only one parameter. Why ??? I have to solve this problem. I built a terminal using Mega2560 + 3.5 LCD + L9637d. I connected to the line K between the ELM and the car. Using phone and applications ELM Terminal i sent Q to the ECU about RPM - but receives garbage .... why?

In the 5 foto see string - I separated the information - FFFFFFC133FFFFFFF13E23FFFFFF81FFFFFFF1107E0
appears every 2s.
in the 6 foto you see different srting because i ask ECU "RPM" - FFFFFFC233FFFFFFF11CFFFFFFF3FFFFFF84FFFFFFF11041C00FFFFFFD2


Hi Burakko,

your hack looks nice :)

As I understood: The ELM327 can connect and initialize.
Then you are only able to read one PID. Which one and what is the response from your car?
Do you use Torque Light or something?

Via Bluetooth (BT Terminal or whatever), you should be able to send the following AT-commands:
ATZ - Resets the connection (Answers with ELM Version)
ATD - Set values to default
-- If something doesn´t seem right with that, you can set every default-value manually:
ATSP - Set Protocol to Auto
ATS0 - Already done by "ATD" but to make sure to use no spaces
ATE0 - Turn off Echo
ATH0 - Turn off Header information and checksum
ATL0 - No Linefeed
ATM0 - Not reading results by memory

Now the ELM is configured and you are able to ask for data:
010C - RPM
010D - Speed
010F - Intake Air temperature

All further commands can be read here.

The ELM327 does all the Header and Checksum translation for you. If you´d really like to communicate manually with the L9637d, you could take a look into my solution in GitHub.

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