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Let me introduce my current datalogger project:

github: Swiss-Army-Knife-for-GM1380-Sound-Pressure-Meter

It is a growing project that became very powerful.
Initially it was intended to record the sound level delivered to A0 by an instrument with 0..1V analog output.

Then the requirements grew and grew and now my cheap sound level meter has as much features as the most sophisticated professional equipments selling for thousands of dollars.

The software can be used in several ways: from a very simple piggyback ESP8266 soldiered with three wires inside the existing sound meter to a complete wireless solar powered solution with split outdoor and indoor devices...

The project is still in Alpha stage but runs pretty well, I just need to finish the documentation and fix some small glitches. Stay tuned...


Here a picture of one of the dashboards:

Full size here:

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