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I use HX711 with my PS002 vacuum sensor and have no problem. When You use HX711 You should connect HX711 E+ pin to  PS002 +IN pin; E- to both -IN; A+ to +OUT; A- to -OUT. You will have 4 wires from PS002 because both -IN to connected together.

You should install HX711 library and then You can use standard HX711 sketch from examples. If You will set 64 scale in the sketch You will take vacuum pressure in pascals. Full vacuum will show You -100 000 pascals.


I was able to operate the sensor using HX711 module but I´m getting incremental values, I mean, read_average(byte n) function is returning higher and higher values after system restarts so tare(byte n)  is impractical this way.


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HX711 breakout board.
Onboard regulated 4.2volt excitation voltage for the bridge, instrumentation amp, and 24-bit A/D.
Well supported with code here.

Pressure sensors with buildin instrumentation amp are also temp compensated.
The HX711 setup is not.



Read about the HX711 data sheet, one of which is "Selectable 10SPS or 80SPS output data rate"
How to choose the rate?
What is the default value?


Default is 10SPS.
With 80SPS you trade accuracy for speed.
Most boards have a link you can cut, and/or solder bridge.

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