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I bought a gsm shield and it worked with arduino MEGA 2560 perfectly. I received and sent sms correctly but now suddenly it is not working on gsm shield. But the sim is working fine when i put it on my phone.  So, i understand that something is wrong with the gsm shield and not with the sim card. I use the gsm code examples with the correct pin and it is lagging a lot.
Please help me.


There are so many ways it can break...  hardware can break, but most likely it is your code that messes with something.

Try downloading some of the basic examples again and see if it works?!



Upload a example like GSMWebClient, change the line "GSM gsmAccess;" to "GSM gsmAccess(true);" to activate debug mode and post serial monitor output.


Hijacking this thread, just got a shield, did the above method and get this in the monitor:
Code: [Select]
Connecting GSM network...AT%13%




Not sure if joking or....

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