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need to know if what i want to do is possible.  I am not afraid to learn and to try new things but i am a beginner.

Would like to remotely control a 15 hp irrigation pump.  The variable frequency drive (vfd) allows me to control it easily using a couple of outputs.  This is what i want.

-control below items using sms
-pump on (flip on an output i can make the pump go myself)
-pump on for certain time frame determined in the text (i.e. 2hr 4hr 6hr up to 12hr)
-send me an sms when there is a problem with the pump or when pump shuts off (there is an output in the vfd that could be used as an input)
-tell me the preasure when requested from an sms (there is an analog preasure transducer already in the system just read me the value)

Okay can i do that?
Also what devices would i need?  GSM shield i presume.  Which one or does it matter?  Ardurino?  Uno? Mega?  Does it matter?  Relay shield?

I am sorry for not knowing this your help is extreemly apreciated!

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