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Greetings everyone

I am newbie when it comes to aurdino, I am building a project and I wanted to know
Can the aurdino ethernet shield login on websites such as mail.yahoo.com and also it possible for it to download files and read them and transmit data.
Also how does it transmit data (what shield is required???)

Help would be much appreciated
Osama Asif



From what I understood you want to connect to the internet to read e-mails.....
There are two main ways you can connect an arduino to the internet:
1.)Wi-Fi shield

2.)Ethernet shield - using an ethernet shield you can turn your arduino into a client and then read your e-mails, check out this instructable,I think it might be extremely helpful to you.

Another third way would be connecting the arduino directly to a computer......

The arduino itself has a very limited memory so downloading emails can be a challenge but most ethernet shields come with an SD card slot which can store plenty of data.

BTW what do you mean by "transmit data"?

Good Luck!


I am newbie when it comes to aurdino
First step, learn how to spell the name Arduino

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