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I've seen the dialogue on the Google Groups and Github regarding the changes to the Library Structure for Arduino IDE 1.5.X.
However, in the last 60 days there are at least 5 different threads on the Library Structure of the Arduino Development Environment in the Google Groups. I'm not even sure which is worth following. We have the Rev1 spec, recently released Rev2 spec and we know this will ultimately result in the reléase of a Rev3 spec. We're are seeing suggestions that you might even add the new library structures to the old 1.0.X IDE.

Anyway, could you folks place a nice series of Updates/Comments here for folks to read. It sure would be nice to know which direction this is going on?  Furthermore...the Library Manager... do we have to wait for Arduino IDE 2.0.X for that? Or will it follow closely behind the R3 reléase of the new (1.5 world) library structures.


I appreciate having Access to the discussions that are occuring on the Arduino Group. Ditto for GitHub.

Eventually, just looking for a high level summary of the proposed changes to the Library Structure (rev 3+), the introduction of the "Library Manager", how this is all will aide in backwards/forward compatibality as well as Library/Hardware dependency determination. Hoping to see a "Guidelines for Writing Arduino Libraries" come out of your efforts as well.

Thanks for your hardwork.

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