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I am a student of development of hardware and I'm creating a robotics project.

The first thing I would like to thank all the team that made it possible to create this great community of open source.
when developing the pcb me begs the question that if you could not work out.

I am creating a plate similar characteristics to the Arduino Ethernet, and I wonder if first after loading the bootloader to atmega chip 328 is necessary to load another bootloader to chip ethernet, secondly I would like to know if the chip ethernet you can get a sample from the manufacturer or shareware to develop my prototimo.
Thank you very much for your reply and greetings from Spain.
Thank you, Peter.


Hola! and Welcome to the forum.

Your duplicate posts have been deleted. Please don't do that, let's keep one conversation going for one topic.

Read the datasheet for the ethernet part you will use, I think most are preprogrammed for the ethernet function and do not require additional programming.

You can ask the ethernet part manufacturer about samples, many will send samples to education e-mail addresses. Check their website.

Good luck.
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