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Topic: Arduino Yun 5v pin doesnt give me 5v. (Read 13903 times) previous topic - next topic


It is hardware design bug,  The designer did it half sleep and half wake. :P


I found this issue today with a Yun powered by an Apple 12w charger. 4.5-4.6 volts with nothing plugged in. Once I add a level shifter, RTC and lux detector (all mounted in turn on a proto board) that falls to 4.4v and when I try to connect an LED strip the voltage drops to 3.8v which is too low for my LED strip, which requires 4v minimum, so nothing lights up.

I guess I'll run a jump lead from the USB side of the diode up to my proto board. I wasted a good couple of hours on this today thinking I'd got some kind of fault; this problem doesn't occur using the Leonardo which showed 5.1v with everything except the LEDs connected, and 4.8v with the LEDs connected as well.

Definitely a design flaw; if there is a good reason for supplying 4.5v to the Yun, at least drive the shield 5v line from the supply ahead of the diode...

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