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Topic: How to use Arduino Nano as HID with a specific idvendor number and idproduct num (Read 2430 times) previous topic - next topic


Hi to all.

I need some help how to program the Arduino nano AtMega328 to become HID with specific idvendor and specific idproduct with the option to change these numbers from time to time.

I need this option for checking software comparability for developing a new hardware concept of Bio-signal analysis platform.

It will be really great yo get some help, I didn't find any details how to do it...

Please help me.



The Arduino Leonardo is ment to act as a USB slave.

For the nano, you could use the V-USB.
I think there is a library to use V-USB with the Arduino. I don't know how to set the idvendor and idproduct, but at least there are many examples for the V-USB.

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