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Hi polymorth,

Could I pick your brain please?

I've built your circuit but the mosfet FDP65N06 gets really hot, changing color and smelling burnt. I've checked the connections but everything seems ok.


Any ideas?

By the way, the sketch below gives me the right frequency for the ultrasonic transduver:

Arduino UNO DDS
Arduino Square Wave Generator (UNO - Mega - Pro.Mini)

Frequency Range : 1Hz to 1Mhz
Duty Cycle : 2% - 98%
Pins Out : 3 - 9


#include <PWM.h>

int32_t frequency_9 = 58000; //frequency (in Hz)
int32_t frequency_3 = 58000; //frequency (in Hz)

void setup()


SetPinFrequencySafe(9, frequency_9);
SetPinFrequencySafe(3, frequency_3);

void loop()
 int dutyC =512; // Duty Cycle 0 (0%) - 1023(100%)
 pwmWrite(9, dutyC / 4);
 pwmWrite(3, dutyC / 4);

Thank you!




Hi all,

I've just purchased one of these fireplaces that has one of these remote controls

This is literally the only place on the internet I've found any information about being able to automate the use of one of these controls!

So, with next to no circuitry experience and zero Arduino experience can anyone give me a n00bs guide to building this?!

I'm really into automating my home so getting this working with my Athom Homey and/or Alexa is my ultimate goal.

Many thanks

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