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Hi. I have the Arduino ONO, and I've run a couple of sketches on it, some sketches as they are, and a couple that i have modified so as to satisfy my curiosity.
I am using the 28BYJ-48 motor, and the driver board supplied with the starter kit, a ULN2003A.
I have been trying to run a sketch from the "examples" folder in the drop down in the IDE, namely  "MotorKnob" and  "stepper_speed_control"

My questions are
1. When I have to define steps, do I write 32, the number of steps in the actual motor, or do I write 2048, (32*64) the number of steps on the output shaft of the motor?
  2. Also, do I define the step sequence for the UNO as 8,9,10,11  or 8,10,9,11 as I have to do on other sketches?
3. In the speed_control sketch, the comment says the potentiometer  is connected to analogue input 0. Do I put the other wire from the pot to Gnd somewhere on the board?
Hope you can help.

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