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I'm trying to edit the http.conf file via an SSH on my Yun. I just can't figure out how to do it!

I believe I can use the command "vi" + "httpd.conf" but the Yun won't let me access that part of my filer... I can run "vi" on my files in the "www" folder and edit these (i.e. a "*.txt" file), but can't do the same on my httpd.conf file. Do I need to add a super user to the command?

I also tried to ssh mount to my ubuntu 12.04 but again my Yun won't let me do that as I get a denial of service!

Is there any way of doing that through the "advanced web panel"?

Suggestions and/or feedback would be much appreciated.




If you ssh into the yun then
Code: [Select]
vi /etc/httpd.conf
will edit httpd.conf, your cli prompt should be
Code: [Select]
root@Arduino:~# which indicates you are the root user (superuser). Unless you have added any users to your installation, root is the only login account available.

It is a good idea to make a backup copy of files before you edit in case you goof it up.
Code: [Select]
cp /etc/httpd.conf /root


Hi Nobelpepper,

Thanks for the prompt reply. I hadn't figured out that to run the vi cmd on all files I need to edit, I needed to be at the root level; root@the_name _gieven_to_the_yun:~#

I've now managed to edit my uhttpd to point to my mounted SD www folder serving as the main page of the site I wish to create on the Yun SD card.

Much appreciated, many thanks.


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