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Hi All,

We want to invite all UK-based Arduino enthusiasts (and any others that can get here) to attend a brand new event called 'UVX 2014' this July (2014) with their unmanned projects. Here's the story...

In 2011 we ran a successful non-commercial event (it was only for multicopters and other unmanned aerial vehicles). Afterwards I was approached by lots of people asking if I would run another. Well, after MUCH planning I'm pleased to announce that a major Unmanned Vehicle Technology Expo will take place at Moulton College in Northampton on 26/27th July 2014. Here's the good bit...

We want to invite ANYONE who has an unmanned vehicle or gadget of any kind (UAV, Robot, Space Rover, Balloon, you name it...) to attend the show and exhibit their creations - a sort of show-and-tell affair. We will provide the venue and a table - all you have to do is turn up! Now you're probably wondering about cost! Well, the venue isn't free so we have to share the costs out a little but we're trying to keep the cost for non-commercial people down to around £25. I must emphasise that this is NON-COMMERCIAL ONLY. There will be a large number of commercial exhibitors in an adjacent hall who will be subsidising the cost of the venue and therefore we must insist that no one exhibiting in the 'TechZone' uses it to sell anything.

It has taken a lot of badgering to get this facility to be made available to enthusiasts and academics so I do hope that you will come along and support the event with your PICAXE projects.

You can find out more here www.uvxpo.com. The TechZone page is here  http://www.uvxpo.com/#!inventors/cnwz.


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