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I am a high school teacher and am preparing some curriculum/assignments for my students. We are using the starter kit and I want to identify some areas of the manual for my students.
At the end of each project is a Brain, Magnifier Glass, Glue Bottle, etc... Does Arduino have names for those sections and if so, what are they? Also, is there a place I can get a digital version of those images (brain, glue bottle)? I would like to include the image with the assignments.


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Hi dzulkiewski,

As far as I know, there is no official naming for the Brain, Magnifier Glass and Glue Bottle sections.

May I suggest:

1) Brain = (Suggested) Activities
2) Magnifier = In-depth / Background
3) Glue & Bottle = Do It Yourself

English is not my native tongue but you get the idea I believe. Of course feel free to improve/customize.

Regarding the images, you can grab them here

Level: Beginner


The brain symbol helps students put what they learned to use therefore helping kinesthetic learners.
The  magnifier helps visual learners learn about what each individual thing that they did.
And the glue and bottle is for artistic people who just want to give their projects a little more meaning  :)


Thanks for the link to the electronic version of the manual. Where can I find the rest of the manual online?


You are welcome. Yes that was only a sample. I don't think the complete manual is available online.
Level: Beginner

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