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I can have a Sony Ericsson J220i, do you know if it could work ?


In the mean while i discovered that the K750i doesn't have a straight serial connection. (I tried everything)  When installing the phone in windows it creates a few virtual com ports. So it's not possible to connect the arduino to the phone straight away.
The only thing you can use is maybe this:
I now bought an old T68i. It came with a KRY 105 192 R2C "USB docking station" :
After finding the right driver for this and installed in in xp I saw 1 serial com port. This was the usb to rs232 com port from the docking station. I connected the phone to the docking station, opened HyperTerminal, choose the com port of the docking station and I can send at commands. Later this day I'm going to buy a DCU-11 cable, I will remove the usb to serial converter and will test it when connected the arduino to the T68i. I think I need to use a voltage divider:
I will keep you posted.



Sorry do not think it will work, check my first post for modells that i assume will work.


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Sorry, do not think that K750 will work that easy but the T68i should do so.

I suggest below connection!

Pin 4: Rx
Pin 5: Tx

Above information found at: http://pinouts.ru/CellularPhones-P-W/erics_t28_pinout.shtml


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Try below code and see if you get a OK back from the phone true the Arduino serial monitor.

Arduino pin 0 and 1 connected to T68i pin 4 and 5 .
Try to switch cables both ways.

Let me know how it goes!

Code: [Select]
 char incomingByte;
 void setup() {


 void loop() {
     //check connection with phone
       // read phone reply if available
     if (Serial.available() > 0) {
           incomingByte = Serial.read(), BYTE;

           // say what you got:
           Serial.print("I received: ");



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Hello Hulk, thanks for the reply. In de mean while I bought a cable and removed the "usb to serial converter". I connected it to the arduino. With newsoftserial I can send at commands with seralmonitor. The next thing I did was loading your example so the arduino will tell the T68i to send an sms. But I get a error while compiling the example. I get some error that newsoftserial not recognize "myserial.write(26); So I changed that line to:
byte ctrlz = 26;
And now it will compile and the program works. The arduino sends an sms with the T68i.
I tried the software sserial2mobile, but it will not work because we use PDU?
So I just use your link: http://www.twit88.com/home/utility/sms-pdu-encode-decode to convert to PDU. Can you send me an example how to read an sms from the T68i? for example when I send an sms "output 13 high" to the T68i, is it possible to read this with the arduino and the put digital pin 13 high?


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kristof, great that you manged to get it working.
Could you share the code you used with the newsoftserial library?
My code example above was intended to be used without the newsoftseial library.

Yes, it is possible to read a incoming sms and then do something, i did something like that a while ago and could turn on/off lights at home.
Let me share the code for that with you here later today or tomorrow.

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