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I just got a Nano in the mail this weekend and I have a project in mind. It uses a 34 pin idc connector/header, the kind the you would see on a floppy disk drive controller board. I installed KiCAD and started playing around with it. I can not find this component in the schematic's library. I've tried to create this component but being  new to KiCAD I'm not having much luck.  Which PCB Design software should I be using for this project, or should I continue with KiCAD.


Hi, You may try pcbmaking.com to get your job done quickly and effectively. It gives big discount on various PCB and also FREE shipping.


Check newark.com and see if they have an eagle library for that part already.
That might influence your choice of software.
Sparkfun & Adafruit also have large libraries of parts you can download.
At the same time 34 pins of pins on 0.1" pitch can be faked with 3 2x8 headers and 1 2x10 header. You have to manually leave space around the pins for the IDC connector body.
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Check out FabStream. Www.fabstream.com. Free commercial quality PCB software with integrated interactive and automatic routing, 100k digikey part library, integrated PCB ordering through secure ecommerce.  PCBs are high quality low cost, $120 US for up to 64 sq inches double sided. Mask and screen included make in the US and shipped anywhere in the world.

Download the free SoloPCB Design software at www.fabstream.com.


Hi rjpeek,
                   I have used Diptrace for years, it's free very user friendly. I find Eagle a nightmare to work with, others love it!
Diptrace also does schematics and schematic capture etc.  comes with lots of libraries, and lets you build up you own library with your own specific parts and modified parts..

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