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There is plenty of online resources out there to learn how to programming with Arduino or Processing, or any other language for that matter. I just received news on a new camp that just started located near Asheville North Carolina. It's for passion driven learners who want to learn how to program at their own pace. It also looks like they offer coaches and mentoring. One of the mentor's on the page seems to be a software engineer from Cambridge that worked with Google?

Learn to code at Black Mountain SOLE with peers and mentors.
Any of these free (or very affordable) programs would make a solid curriculum to get you started.
Of course you can follow along with these programs from anywhere, but Black Mountain SOLE can accelerate your development through mentorship and collaboration with like-minded peers.

I thought it seemed like a great opportunity for learning this stuff. Anyone located in the Asheville/Black Mountain Area interested in this?

Here is a link http://blackmountainsole.org/learn-code/

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