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Hey guy's,

I want to build a little cheap version of an Arduino and i need the ATmega328 chip, 16 Mhz crystal and a 5 volt voltage regulator. If i go to mouser.com i really have no idea what i should order. If anyone experienced could help me out or just point me in the right direction i would be super grateful. Al the components have to be trough hole. Thanks in advance.


Have you looked at the Arduino pro mini on eBay?
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Look at dipmicro.com, easy to find, inexpensive mailing costs:
bootloaded ATmega328P
16 MHz crystal
2x 22pF capacitor, 50V rated
10K resistor, 1/4W
4x 100nF capacitor, 50V rated
28 pin socket
perfboard to mount it all on
5V regulator
1uF cap, 10uF cap to go  with regulator
I don't bother anymore tho - just use a 5V wallwart and a 10uF cap where power comes in the board:
2-pin screw terminal, or barrel jack connector to bring power in
female headers? 6-8-10 pin
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