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 In speaking to one of the Embedded lecturers at Canterbury University, his suggestion was, problems with Windows and its virtual serial buffer, and to run it on linux. Well that is completely out of the question. He also suggested some form of flow control.
But I dont really understand why it would need flow control, its basic information, the communication doesnt seem to have any bit level corruption and finally this is an arduino.

Yes, this is an Arduino, and yes, it looks like just basic information - rather like what a lot of other people are doing

The first statement by the embedded lecturer (presumably extremely well-embedded) amply demonstrates he has no idea of what he is talking about, and therefore you can confidently ignore the second. 

At this stage, I don't suppose you are going to get anywhere without a proper discussion of the code but I'm sure that is where the problem lies. I have already shown you mine. If you can't show yours that doesn't work, you might be able to elaborate on the differences from mine, that does. Most particularly on the differences in objective - if any.


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