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Is it possible to get support for the internal RTC of the GSM modem in the GSM library?
It shouldn't be too hard, querying for the time is a simply AT command 'AT+CCLK?' and setting the time is simply 'AT+CCLK="<time>"'
Because there doesn't seem to be a way to directly send and receive commands from the modem yourself.

I did try this:
Code: [Select]

char time[20];
int timeout = 1000;
int start = millis();
while((millis() - start) < timeout && !theGSM3ShieldV1ModemCore.theBuffer().extractSubstring("+CCLK: \"", "\"", time, 20)) ;

Which seemed to work for the first time only, but not any other time;


Anyone? I've been looking for a solution to this but haven't found one yet. I also tried looking at the source code of the library myself but still can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

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