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I have arduino robot (Lottie Lemon), it has a lot of pin holes and sockets on both its control and motor boards.
I can't get a clear documents describing these pin outs and how it can be used ( i.e, which pin is GND, Which is 5V which is digital /Analog input or output, I2C and so on)

can any one help me with this issue


Pinout can be found on the product page: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Robot


I checked this page , it does say some ports names,
however , it does not say within each board , which pin is  GND, 5V, and signal.
also these are many ports and pin holes left without names.
so I need more detailed explanation for ports detailing each pin connection.

also I need to connect a  3 pin ping sensor to Lottie Lemon and I cant figure out to which port pins I should connect it

Any help please


This very useful link with reading robot' s schematic

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