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Hey guys,
I have following problem.

I have a model car with a motor controller (Reely ESC-310). IT controls a 540 Motor.
I replaced the RC receiver with the arduino  and I used the 5V signal from the motor control to power it.
My problem is, HOW can I control the Motor? I thought it's a PWM signal to the Motor control. I tried it, but it didn't work!
I also reprogrammed the Motor Controller with a PWM signalfrom 255, then 0 and then 127! But it doesn't work!
The Leds (green and red) are on (not blinking).  At a PWM signal of 127 the motor is off (sometimes it goes short on and off (forward and backward)). But If I change the PWM signal to 0 or 255 Nothing happens!
I use the normal ARduino command:
analogWrite(PORT, PWM (0-255));

What is wrong? Please help me!



Servo library everytime for RC equipment.
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I am not very familiar with the RC signals but due too searching for a bldc motor control i stumbled over the fact that the PWM signal for a servo has to have a certain form.

Something like a pulsing time of 20ms and the lenght of the puls defines the angle, in your case the duty cycle of the ECM controller.

here you might find more information:


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