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I just loaded the card and it successfully sends an SMS to a USA number, but the SMS never arrives at destination phone number. Is this a limitation of Bluevia SIM? I read in another post that incoming SMS only accepted from other Bluevia SIMs. I really wonder if outgoing SMS is also allowed.


Looks like all SMS communication is internal to Bluevia network according to documentation.


BlueVia SIM only works with other BlueVia SIM for SMS service.



I have the same problem here in England. I can send a text but as i don't know anyone else on Bluevia the message is not received.

If i purchaced another Bluevia SIM could i put that in my mobile and then send a text to it from the Arduino?
if so where can i get one from as the one i have came with the shield.

I am guessing i may be better off just using a sim from another network.  What carrier/package would work and let me text to other phones. I tried with a giffgaff SIM i have and i just get "not connected"

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