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I'm coding a Gps Tracker. I've got a W25Q128 EEPROM memory to save the logs.
i just confused which library should i use !?
Does EEPROM.h support W25Q128 ?
EEPROM.h has "update" function which is extremely usful
is there any other lib has "update" command ?


I'm using Marzogh's SPIMemory library with excellent results. I'm using the MKRMEM shield which has a Winbond chip on it. The library recognizes the chip and initializes it perfectly.

When it comes to updates I don't like them much. Most of the libraries I run do not have all of the functions I need so I have to patch them in. Every time an update to a library comes along I have to once again patch it. There was one exception though with the MKRGSM board trying to use the SMS system. The original library could not reliably process an incoming SMS with only a single character. An update soon came available that addressed the issue so I gladly patched the new version.


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